Don 't Let Steel Corporations Forge Tyranny

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Don’t Let Steel Corporations Forge Tyranny The 1960s marked a time of great change, turmoil, and innovation in American history. To address these domestic and foreign challenges, President John F. Kennedy worked hard to ensure the best for the citizens of the United States. That is why, when steel corporations raised their prices 3.5 percent in a time of economic distress, he responded with outrage. In his speech to the American people on April 11, 1962, President John F. Kennedy used a plethora of rhetorical strategies to evoke a retaliatory response against the greed of large steel companies. President Kennedy begins his address by immediately stating his opinion on the issue; that the actions of steel corporations “constitute a wholly unjustifiable and irresponsible defiance of public interest.” His use of an absolute and unwavering tone establishes a sense of mutual exclusivity between the interests of the public and the interests of steel corporations. This underscores the ‘us vs. them’ mentality Kennedy continuously emphasizes throughout his speech, and uses it to further justify his opposition to steel companies as acting out of “public interest.” After directly stating his opinion, Kennedy shifts his speech towards the current events of the time. By creating the context to the issue, Kennedy further enhances his dissent towards the steel industry by successfully antagonizing them. The statement “In this serious hour…” exemplifies Kennedy’s use of time sensitive
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