Donald Trump Changed The Country's Refugee Policy Essay

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The date is Wednesday January 25th, 2017. The new president of the United States, the infamous, Donald Trump has just changed the country’s refugee policy. In a matter of sheer minutes every significant news source has reported on this highly anticipated change in legislation. In a race to be the first to feed the public the breaking scoop, news outlets give shorter, more basic stories with bland titles such as, “ Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of Muslim Countries” from the New York Times and “President Trump Signs Executive Order Temporarily Halting All Refugees” from Breitbart. However in a matter of days and weeks these exact same source’s titles transformed into, “Trump Sparks Anger With Misguided Refugee Ban” and “ Syrian Refugees…show more content…
On the other hand, it is true that there is a high amount of disease in countries where refugees originate from. A study done showed that from the countries producing the highest amount of refugees, about thirty percent of all babies are not vaccinated at all after birth. It is extremely important that the public is informed about these critical facts so they won't make snap judgments about the actions of our government. They need to realize that increased security measures are meant to keep our country safe from the dangers of disease amongst other safety precautions. In comparison of the style of bias between left and right leaning sources is considerably different. As seen in the Breitbart article, the title was very extreme and it pulled the reader's attention in a negative way. The difference in a left leaning article is that they show bias in a much more subtle way. This can be seen in the New York Times article that I mentioned a while ago. To remind you the title of this article was, “Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of Muslim Countries.” At first glance this title suggests the article is just a basic news story with none or at least minimal bias however there is an underlying level of bias in every story that is written. This can easily be seen by just reading the title of the
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