Donald Trump History

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Donald Trump was born in 1946; Donald Trump was raised in the post-World War II era as the son of New York real estate developer Fred Trump. After attending the University of Pennsylvania, Donald officially joined his father in the family business, rechristening it The Trump Organization when he took over in 1971. Since then the business mogul has held a variety of careers such as reality television host, hotelier, and even casino magnate. Trump is front and center in the minds of today’s media consumers because of his newest aspiration; becoming President of the United States. Today, the Donald as he refers to himself, is worth nearly $4.1 billion dollars though he initially placed the number at closer to $9 billion when he announced his candidacy in early June in front of his towering slash into the Manhattan skyline, …show more content…

In 2004, Trump had begun a reality-TV based show called The Apprentice, which airs on the NBC network, “in which contestants compete for a job as an apprentice to billionaire American Donald Trump.” Trump hosted the show for 14 seasons, until August 2015 when NBC made an announcement that Donald Trump had been fired from “The Celebrity Apprentice”; stating that “the show would not be back next season, but would return in the future with a new host.” In September 2015, NBC made an announcement that they had officially replaced Trump with the actor and twice-elected California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the new host of the Apprentice. The pivotal event that led to NBC severing all business ties with Trump was his 2016 Presidential announcement speech where his many controversial and inflammatory comments included disparaging remarks about illegal immigrants. As stated on a CNN Money broadcast, “Trump the campaign may be hurting Trump the

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