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Trump to Triumph or Trump to Dump
The U.S. presidential election of 2016 is one of the most discussed topics of the year. There has been a number of debates contrasting each of the presidential candidates between each other and with previous presidents such as President Barrack Obama. However, the most talked about candidate has been none other than Donald Trump. As well-known business man who was granted a great deal of money from his father, Donald Trump’s presidency campaign was a huge surprise to many people, as he was seen more as an entrepreneur rather than a politician. While speeches and campaigns continued throughout the year, there has been a huge controversy, as Donald Trump has a possible chance of becoming the next President of …show more content…

Is that really an effective and possible way to help America’s economy? Trump also recites in one of his speeches that no one would be tougher on ISIS than himself. As this would be great, we aren’t given any explanation or evidence as to how he would be tough on them. In fact, he doesn’t give much evidence as to how he would do most of the things he proclaims to do. He states that the “American Dream” is dead, but convinces people that he will be able to bring it back and better than ever before. There is no actual proof that the “American Dream” is dead and he gives no actual insight on how he would bring it back better than before.
Just like most people, Trump makes great promises that he most likely will not be able to live up to. Therefore, the only way we can stop Trump from becoming the President of the United States of America is by persuading the people who support Trump to not vote for him during the election. Even though this year’s presidential candidates are not very strong, there are other options other than Donald Trump, who would better suite leading the

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