Donald Trump Should Not Be Our Next President

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Donald Trump should not be our next president. Donald Trump was born on Jane 14,1946. Is a American business magnate, and a billionaire , investor , socialite, Auther. I have some reasons and evidence that I have. But it's what you think if he should be our president that's you. So please know this what I think and know. Reason one he talks like he is big and bad. But when he runs out of stuff to say he just says "Hey I am rich" and just says the same thing over and over again. But when a reporter ask him something he just makes fun of them or mocks them. And he lies about other presidents runners and mocks them too. But when the time comes when someone asks him something like stoping isis or stoping world war three or stoping hungry …show more content…

His son Donald Jr kills elephents now I know " Why should I care?". Becuse they are becoming rare and hard to come by in our time. He is just killing them for fun and he is trying to buy them and kill them. And when he is done killing them he says "It was trying to kill me" or saying "That it was already dead" then when his dad is informed it just says nothing he looks at the reporters or just saying. But when he is done killing them he dosn't even eat the meat or sell it I mean like at least sell it or give it away. This is what he says that people belive him for. That he will stop crimes or wars or money prombles. Or keep isis away and kill them or just stoping bombings happening. Or just to keep Muslims out of our country and Mexicans. Keeping our country safe. And stoping black people from stealing or stoping then making a new busness, But really what he wants is more money and better power as president. And that why I think he should not be our next president. But really it's your thought not mine tho, but I hope you are on my side of things. And I hope you rethink your president pick. Or I hope you enjoy a piece of my mind. I think having a pig or cow would be better and smarter for our

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