Donald Trump's Campaign Trail

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Throughout the history of the United States of America there have been many politicians that have run on the campaign trail using their charm, their wit and some funds to help them on their way to win an election, and then there’s Donald Trump. Whatever you say about Donald Trump’s morals, there has been no doubt that his campaign has been a spectacle to watch. To show the effects of his campaign, envision the first presidential candidate that pops into your head. Donald Trump has been on the campaign trail since the very beginning of the G.O.P. nomination, and when people saw him initially they thought that he was a joke (except for me). How could a person who has never held a government office even hope to become president of the United States …show more content…

This type of diction can be the most understood by people because everyone has, at least, graduated from elementary school and people who have not graduated would usually have some sort of mental illness or are bedridden, unable to vote or have an effective outcome on Trump’s poll numbers. This use of low education level diction also helps him in his social media game. Everyone uses social media and websites like Twitter and Facebook both favor using short and sweet phrases to convey a message, even Twitter going as far to have a 180-character limit for each post. This also shows in his G.O.P. speech where he has clearly never uses words that a 5th grader could not understand. One example of this from his G.O.P. speech is: “We will be a country of generosity and warmth. But we will also be a country of law and order.”. This phrase follows suit with Donald Trump’s persona and shows his use of less sophisticated diction. It shows that he is a no nonsense type of guy that is tough on crime and is compassionate about American greatness. This phrase also uses simple words that any person that has graduated from elementary school could know like “warmth” and “generosity”, the only part of this sentence that could be considered middle school diction would maybe be “law and order”, but law and order is a name from a popular T.V. show so everyone generally …show more content…

Trump uses this unpredictability to manipulate the actions of his opposition and then outmaneuvering them to draw in voter and media attention, rather than directly persuading people to vote for him. Donald Trump loves to be unpredictable, it’s one of the reasons that the has done so well, it’s a message of rebellion, telling the voters that he is not a politician because he does not follow the rules of a politician. An example of this on his campaign trail was when he just skipped a debate and just did his own rally instead. I believe if the most clinically insane person were to run for president he would at least make every debate, why would Donald Trump do something like this, there are three reasons. One, his message is carried that he is a rebel and does not follow the rules as set by the Republicans further branding himself as not a politician. Two, it gains more media coverage by doing an action as ludicrous as missing a debate, which helps him show his messages. Three, it catches the other Republican candidates off guard because he changed last minute and they are required change strategies to compensate for his decision. When Donald Trump missed the debate it was well into the primary elections and by the time of the debate, he had insulted practically all the G.O.P. nominees. Because of this, most candidates had prepared for Trump being the greatest threat and made their

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