Donald Trump's Narcissistic Disorder

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Case study: is about Donald Trump, who is republican presidential candidate of the
58th quadrennial US presidential election. This election will take place on the November
8, 2016. He is an eloquent candidate, free in abusive speech, self­ center.He has grandiose plans and expectations, seeing himself as better and smarter than others,gifted with special talents. His rhetoric and political promises include. “ building a wall between US and Mexico,while also bringing Jobs back to the US.”He does not hide his beliefs. He does not care about hurting individuals’ emotions. He has made some many declarations during his campaign that have been controversial for different religious, ethnic and minority groups. Yet, the individual still has many of
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Donald trump apparently suffers from a Narcissistic disorder. A narcissistic disorder is a personality disorder. It is part T05 cluster B personality disorder defined as comprising of a pervasive pattern of grandiosity ( in fantasy or behavior). Narcissistic individuals have a constant need for admiration while at the same time lacking of empathy for others. A narcissistic personality can be addressed in talk therapy . Narcissism can also be an obstacle if the individual does not see it as a disorder. He thinks…show more content…
They exaggerate small things and make them big.
They constantly want praise( they are special, they want to be associated with special people and they are a gift to the world) , They take advantage of other individuals ( they do not care who you are? a friend or a husband, they will annoying you, if they think that you are not at the level of their existence; they will treat you like a thrush. They think that people are jealous of them all the time, and they have trouble with relationships. They also have unrealistic goals. But deep inside of them are very insecure. If people discover who they really are, they will cut off that relationship. This session represents the patient’s symptoms and problems. Narcissists strongly believe in great ideas even when they don’t work. For example, Trump convinced his dad to be liberal in the use of loans based on equity in the have liberal idea. He wanted him to get involved in in used of loans based on equity in the Trump apartment complexes.
Although the business was already competitive with narrow interested
Trump has unrealistic goals. Here is some of Thump speech: “we will win, we will get so much win that people will get bored of winning.” We will build the wall between US
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