What Effect Does Being Identified "ADHD" Have on a Child? Essay

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Have you ever had a day when you feel like you were wired backwards? Do you ever feel like you are charged with so much energy that you will go mad if you don’t get it out? Do you find yourself reading a question and then rereading just to soak it in? For someone living with ADHD these are daily struggles. There are thousands of people who must carry this label and new diagnoses every day. Both children and adults are stricken by this disorder. Giving them the label causes greater problems than the disorder itself. Individuals with the label of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder experience increased peer related issues, have a higher documented rate of injuries inflicted, and are known as defiant and disobedient due to the implied …show more content…

Many parents are affected by high medical expenses. Some of these acts include alcohol and drug use and even road rage. ¿Many times the drug and alcohol use is the result of peer pressure in combination with the initial impulsiveness. The effects of this identity could cause major depression, substance abuse, and poor self-esteem.¿ The impulsive behaviors responsible for these injuries also cause the social image that is used to judge individuals with ADHD. Due to the lack of self-control and the increased impulsivity of these individuals there is a higher level of reported defiance. 65% of children with ADHD diagnosis have issues with defiance, non-compliance and other authority related conflicts. Many people with this disorder experience uncontrollable verbal hostility, short tempers, and troubles with expressive language. Because of the lack of filters to tell the brain that these actions should be avoided, these children receive poor rapport from peers. They are also often misunderstood. Many times teachers learn to expect the behavior but punish it rather than redirect it. These children may learn to use this disorder as an excuse to not succeed. There are some people who believe that this labeling is needed and helpful. Many doctors and school officials believe that the diagnosis and labeling of these individuals is helpful so that they can be assisted with their struggles. The idea is that if a disorder goes undiagnosed it must go untreated

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