Doors as a Motif in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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In the Novel, “Chronicle of a Death Foretold,” by Gabriel Garcia, a nameless narrator describes a murder that had happened twenty-seven years ago in his village in Columbia. The story starts with the victim, Santiago Nasar leaving his front door early on a rainy Monday morning to see the Bishop at the docks. Only an hour later he is “carved up like a pig” on the very stoop of the door he had left from. Throughout the rest of the novel the story as to why and who killed Santiago is revealed. Garcia uses many motifs and symbols through the course of this story, including doors/architecture. Doors and architecture provide a connection to the rest of society, and through that, doors are a gateway for characterization, destiny, and social …show more content…

Maria’s open doors represent her broadcasted sexuality, her kind disposition and her acceptance in society despite her occupation. “The strange man is called Bayardo San Roman, and everybody says he is enchanting, but I haven’t seen him.” (pg. 26) Bayardo was a strange, mysterious man who came to the village in search of a bride. All the townsfolk were enthralled with his powerful presence and many women were jealous when he chose Angela to be his bride.

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