Dora The Star : Swiper, No Swiptr

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On the channel Nickelodeon Junior, there is a popular kids show called Dora the Explorer. Boots, Dora’s companion, helps Dora on her educational Spanish adventures and aids her in warding off the sneaky fox, Swiper. When I worked at Nickelodeon some three years ago, I was the storyboard director, and oversaw many episodes of Dora being made every day. This included going to screenings of new episodes. Every time I watched an episode, we had to give it a rating out of ten- and all the episodes were fives, same formula, conflict, a bit of learning Spanish, then a resolution, typically in the form of the phrase “Swiper, no swiping!” from Dora. Every episode had to be watched twice, once for enjoyment then to watch for errors. In …show more content…

Worry about the wellbeing of whatever made it. Like I said before, the episode was average, maybe even a little above average, the new voice actor for Boots was doing pretty well, and the script was better than usual. Aside from the buzzing, it was a pretty good episode overall. I gave it a 7 the first time around. Then we watched it the second time. The buzzing got louder. The creaking grew fainter, but every time it happened the room rocked a little. The video had some strange greyish filter over it for whatever reason, I assumed it was another flub on whoever worked in editing- just last week Dora’s voice was synced up with Boots’ mouth and vice versa, and we had to go one week without a new episode. This one was the makeup, and had to be good. Dora, as I had seen in the last screening, started her adventure to the ‘Aztec temple of Corn on the Cob’ (some way to get kids to eat vegetables), and Boots provided humour funny enough for kids. Then the buzzing noise rose sharply, sounding like an unearthly screech of some demon. There surely were demons in the studio that day, and I’m not so sure they didn’t exist. For whatever reason the video started to rewind when they finally reached the Aztec temple, and it seemed I could hear some kind of strange pseudo-language coming through the speakers- unintelligible drivel like “Iqjqd bkhai xuhu” or “Hqyiu oekh vyij”. Then it hit the start again. All the

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