Dorian Gray Questions

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Task 1:
Choose a short story, poem or a part of a longer story
I have chosen the novel wrote by Oscar Wilde in 1890: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Task 2:
What Literature did you choose and why?
I have chosen a literature very interesting for me: The picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde.
The literature in my opinion must have a feeling of attraction like a book is calling you, and when you diced to read it, the words are going transforming in a story and you notice something: The needing of people for showing their lives or their way of seeing the world through the literature.
This book that I chose promises me the mystery that I love; I am always reading about strange things, doubts, thriller or fear because in literature those topics make
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Well, I think someone without personality. After a while I thought: Why if a person desires to be young forever it doesn’t make real? (Giggles) Why if Lord Henry thought that way, he had never done the things that he said to Dorian to do? Maybe He only thought about his desires and shared them with Dorian, but those desires were platonic that he knew they are dangerous and horrible and for that reason, those desires were only in the…show more content…
When I started to read "The Picture of Dorian Gray" following the steps, I understood a lot of things: context, feelings, questions, arguments and the reality behind the story. But I think I should have been more punctual with the presentation of each task. This narrative is very complex because shows the life, doubts, prejudices, and decisions of people in that generation. In each task, I exceeded the time limit, because I read many times to approach all the information that exists in this novel, websites, and
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