Dorothea Lange : The Popular Image Of Dorothea Lange

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The reason I chose the popular image of Dorothea Lange is because with the stance of immigration in the 1900’s many immigrant families were forced to live in impoverishment due to the lack opportunities. The black and white photo shows no color and that reflects the mood of a rough time for the mother and her children in the photo. Their clothes seem to be grimy and dirty and so does their skin. The fact that the children seem to be turned away from the camera puts emphasis on that they are in devastation and are in need. The mother and children’s clothes have holes are slightly tattered as if they were working in a harsh, rough environment. The negative area of the photo seems to be a tent of some sort in the background and the material is worn out and slightly dirty. The dirt etched on their clothes, body, and background just emphasizes that the area that they’re living in isn’t a clean filtered place and that finding a way for necessities was difficult, especially in a time of need. The explanation for choosing the image of people standing near a border-lined fence is because it justifies the impact of not knowing what is on the other side, no matter what side you are on. Multiple families are standing near the border fence and they all have different people on the other side. There appear to be more people standing on the other side of the fence because they’re not allowed to be on one side. This results in immigration and having many families becoming separated in

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