Dota 2 Gambling Sites Overview

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Set 2 - Dota 2 Gambling Sites Overview
The eSports gambling market is still expanding and evolving, but already some companies have established their practice. Weeding out the legitimate sites from those that are looking to just make some quick money scamming unsuspected people is an important process. We’re here to look at some of the legitimate gambling sites that have built a reputation of being fair to their user base.
Pinnacle eSports -
Pinnacle was one of the first to start offering eSports match bets on their website in 2010 and they’ve ranked consistently in the top three for bookmakers. Founded in 1998 under the parent company Pinnacle Sports Worldwide, Pinnacle has gone from a struggling startup company to now servicing customers in over 100 countries. One of the reasons they’re so popular is because they’re not a traditional betting exchange. This allows them to offer better odds without the charge of a commission. We’re here to further explain what that exactly means to you, the customer.
Traditional bookmakers function be building a safe margin in their favor. Markets are rated as a percentage of the fair market. Above the 100% fair market line favors bookmakers, below that margin favors the bettor. When the margin in odds increases too substantially, it’s hard for consistent bettors to secure a profit. For that reason, Pinnacle’s main goal is to deliver the most competitive margins possible in the bookmaker’s market. The lower…
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