Douglas A. Blackmon 's `` Slavery By Another Name ``

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Douglas A. Blackmon was an award-winning novelist and was very known by his book, “Slavery by Another Name”. This book takes you through a dark time in our past and shows you the lifestyle of an average American. Many of people did not know that slavery was not completely abolished until 1945. Many believed that slavery had stopped after the Civil War. Douglas A. Blackmon gave a clear presentation of the American lives, and the hardship many African-Americans had to live through. Many African-Americans were used under forced labor until every state in the confederation abolished the 13Th amendment. In today’s society, if anyone was seen auctioning off another type of race whether it be a child or an adult, he or she would be arrested for …show more content…

During this, time major diseases spread through the nation. Before Cottenham arrived at the camp, pneumonia and TB were spread among workers and killed 60 men within the first year, many due to sickness and some homicides. Hospital expenses cared the wealthiest of men and women, because they were able to afford such payments. Many slaves were used for farming also, the strongest of men worked the fields during the hot summer days and the women tend to work within the home serving the property owner and his family.

After the Civil war, when companies and factories started to become once again dominant, the same men who had helped succeed these had long been forgotten and moved on from one to the other. The trials that men were facing in jail sentences in the early 1900’s were the same trials used on slaves. Green Cottenham lived through these hardships his entire life. The rising up Black leaders in Washington D.C., gave the southern white man an excuse to physically assault these men and women. These vast times, were viewed as the slaughtering of Jews during the holocaust, it was if our country was under dictatorship with the white race being the leader. Those who were not white were shunned and used for the hard work we did not want to do. The millions of slaves who went through this time are just memories and a part of history, that’s all these men and women were viewed as, nothing

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