Dove is Trying to Change the Look of Beauty in Women

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According to, “Only 4% of women describe themselves as beautiful.” Women have always dealt with problems of beauty. Many of them desire to look like the models they see in the magazines. Unfortunately, this unrealistic expectation has led American women to judge their own beauty in some negative ways. However, a campaign by Dove has attempted to convince the other 96 percent of women that they are also beautiful. Dove Real Beauty Sketches is a short film produced in April 2013 as a part of Dove Real Beauty campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to show that “you are more beautiful than you think” by comparing the sketches of self-description and the descriptions from strangers. At the beginning of the film, over lightly soft music, a group of female participants from different ages briefly talk about their appearance, and how they wish they can be somehow different. Then, they are called back into a warehouse where a man named Gil Zamora, who is a FBI trained forensic artist, is waiting in front of a drafting board with his back to them and separated by a curtain. He asks them about their hair color, chin, and their most prominent feature. At the same time, he draws sketches based on how they describe themselves, and then draw the same people with the strangers describing them. Then, the commercial continues to flash on the next screen; the artist shows the sketches to these women with the version of their appearance in their mind compared to the version everyone

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