Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty Case Study

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Executive Summary 1
Problem Statement 2
Situation Analysis: Objectives and Goals, Background, Market and External Environment Analysis 2
Situation Analysis: Competition Analysis 3
Situation Analysis: S.W.O.T. Analysis 4
Situation Analysis: Segmentation Analysis 5
Situation Analysis: Consumer Analysis 6
Key Success Factors and Uncertainties 6
Analysis of Alternative Solutions 7
Recommendations 9
Action Plan and Contingency Plan 10
Bibliography 11 Executive Summary

Kerstin Dunleavy needs to determine how to maintain the Dove brand’s momentum. The key objectives and goals of the Dove product line is to increase market share, develop a strong marketing campaign, retain functional strengths of the brand,
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Dove had developed self-confidence work shops for women and girls, which are in line with its objective of maintaining the “Real Beauty” image. Using women from different ethnic background is also a good strategy for Dove to continue. This strategy welcomes international women differences and Dunleavy’s team gained a competitive advantage by using women of all shapes, sizes and color.
Dunleavy’s team used technology in innovative ways to launch the website, online vote casting, chat rooms, electronic billboards and mobile marketing events. The use of technology to market is becoming increasingly popular and Dunleavy should continue to be cutting edge in this category. The website chat rooms will give light to what women want in products and it will also develop a database to help accessing the target market preferred with mass advertising.
Since the Unilever Company sells its products internationally, Dunleavy must be aware of many countries advertising legal requirements. This could pose a challenge from the Western Advertising campaign and the Eastern Advertising campaigns. The Internet campaigns with the new Canadian privacy laws may also have different legal restraints that will need to be carefully researched. For example, some chat forums and personal information may need to be protected.
The beauty industry has continued to grow. In fact, even in a

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