Down Doing with the Titanic

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I, the initial class ocean liner am setting sail on Wednesday 10th of April, 1912, the day that is expected to change my existence everlastingly, to build a stronger, more powerful and more popular boat. I have waited for this opportunity for a long, long, long time and now that I have got it this chance of a life time I am not letting it sail away. I heaved out of the dock; I blow leisurely bulky black burn into the air out of my glistening, glossy long, stunning funnels. I am standing by for my maiden voyage and I can’t wait! There waiting is finally over, I am going to set sail and I am in such honour to do this. * * * Firstly, I’m off, the big, bold, beautiful, unforgettable, unique, unsinkable ship, has set sail, my first…show more content…
Even though I had crew members helping me to twist me in the other path, it didn’t work at all I couldn’t move I am terrified, fear took over me, I can’t beat it, it is so tough. Argh! I collided with the berg a massive rip torn parallel across my bulk, I feel like something went straight through my heart. The sound of the piercing through my heart shattered the night air, I began almost immediately to sink under; I began to take on water instantaneously. Several passengers reported hearing and feeling a strange quivering on the ship. Not only have I hit the burg I have caught on fire. Titanic is sinking and sinking fast. While the passengers which have seen the iceberg pass their windows they all hurriedly wore their dressing gowns and robes, running anxiously to the outside of the ship to discover whether or not they had truly hit the berg. As Titanic was disappearing under the sea, a horrendous chorus of cries, screaming, and shouting drifted across the water. The echo of death is not pleasant and I am the one hearing it and it’s horrifying. There were few passengers that were saved, however they did not want to form some kind of rescue because they feared that they would be swamped by going into such a mass of dying individuals. The water of the Atlantic is an icy 31 degrees Fahrenheit. The people in the
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