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Down with Downloading

Throughout the whole time when you were able to gain access to free downloadable music, you have been able to by pass the purchasing of music, but has it been morally right? People always insist that download is great, but are you thinking of who you’re talking it from. The artists are the ones losing there money as well as positive recognition. Musicians should obviously get a cut as should small record stores who are obviously going to lose out when the big chains all get together on this ( Also, the factor that you have to pay for theses programs, you mine as well go to the store and but them yourself. Everyone likes to download, but sometime you can only get one song, what if you want the …show more content…

"It's the same thing, people going into the computers and logging on and stealing our music,” Brittany Spears declares. The music industry struggles through one of its worst periods ever. CD sales declined 5 percent last year and are down an additional 7 percent this year (

It appears to the press that the new Eminem CD was coming out. Two weeks prior to the CD was coming out, people on the internet were trading and swapping the album. This is an outrage and these are things that are occurring all the time to hurt the artists hard worked time and effort. If I'm putting my heart and all my time into music, I expect to get rewarded for that," Eminem says in a statement on MUSIC's Web site. It’s hard to stop the people from doing this, but there has to be some way to limit this, even if takes time and money.

There have been several attempts to stop the illegal downloading process. One way they want to pass the free downloading factor is to make sites charge a minimum fee to use the program. The biggest problem with that are that all these illegal sites doesn’t charge a fee, and have a more diverse selection than the sites you have to pay for. So in doing this, basically will bring in the suckers and will detract the people who know otherwise. Other companies such as Kazaa or Morpheous will charge a minimum, but theses programs are slower and not as

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