Downfalls Of A Leader : Bill Owens

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Downfalls of a Leader
Bill Owens says “true leadership lies in guiding others to success. In ensuring that everyone is performing at their best, doing the work they are pledged to do and doing it well” (as cited in Kruse, 2012, #87). Leaders do amazing work and inspire so many people that we often forget that leaders are humans too. Just like us leaders have downfalls that they aren’t aware of or are trying to fix. Employees may feel that they are not part of a team and that their ideas and thoughts are not valued because of six different downfalls a leader can portray (Comaford, 2013).
Failing to Respond to Employee Emails (Comaford, 2013)
At Children’s Hospital my boss rarely responded to my emails. When my boss would do her daily rounds to check on everyone I would always ask if she had gotten my email. The two most common replies that I received were “I haven’t even looked at emails” or “I forgot to write back”. I started acquiring a negative impact after weeks of hearing her explanation why she had not written back to my emails. There is a feeling of disrespect when a boss commits this downfall. I am taking time out of my day to write an email that I feel is important and my boss won’t take time out of hers to respond? My boss would harp on my team to always be checking for emails, which gave me the thought that only what she said was imperative. Comaford (2013) believes fixing the downfall of not responding to emails is a painless fix. The simple fix it to

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