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Downloadable Music Factor

Throughout the computer industry there has been many advances. It all started out with downloadable computer games, after that there was free game sites, and to complete the advancement of peoples understanding the internet came downloadable music. The millions of dollars in legal fees was a waste of money for the recording industry. Napster’s court trial went on for a long period of time, and lawyers and fines were just ridiculous. Free recording is a great instatement in society; this is the reason why lots of people stay on computers. Within a small period of only 15 months, other networks just stepped into Napster's place. In this paper, there will be several ideas that will discuss that downloading …show more content…

People upload certain avi’s (movies) and mp3’s (music) to share the resources. For many people this is a very strong issue, such as the people who work with advanced programs.

We cannot stop people from sharing sound and video files, any more than we could stop people from taping movies and giving it to a friend twenty 25 years ago (. It's not a violation of U.S. copyright law to make a personal copy of a copyrighted work (study of Napster trial/ Feb 23, 2001.) From this statement it clearly shows that downloading music is legitimate, and I state that I mean it represents all what the downloaders want. We do not want to get the music and sell it as our own, it is used for personal status to listen to.

Many pubished surveys show that throughout 51 percent of internet users ages 18 to 32 have downloaded music files from the internet ( I realize that there have been several attacks against music downloading. For example, the Napster Trial instigated that Napster was illegally providing free music. In the long run, it clearly showed that music is free of access to all users as long as they aren’t making money. This is what it all comes down to, the old fashion money, money, money. In these scenarios it’s almost nothing the authority can legal grab hold on, unless you use too much activity of one computer. (These is only for computers on a server such as hospital, libraries and mainly school that don’t want the server to

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