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Biochemistry can be defined as the science of Biology and Chemistry combined. When people hear the scientific term of Biology, they know that it is the study of life. However, when people hear the scientific term of Chemistry, it can be defined as the study of interaction along with the study of matter. “Biochemistry is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organism” (“What is Biochemistry”1). Biochemistry is the major for people who have an interest in the fields of Biology and Chemistry. They should also be interested in understanding chemical processes within the body of an organism. Also, if one is interested in making almost $100,000 per year, then he or she should consider studying …show more content…

Firestine was arranged, she said that the American Chemistry Society (ACS) was considered the most important organization under the Chemistry part of Biochemistry. Dr. Firestine mentioned that by having a Biochemistry degree, it is possible to do anything. Dr. Firestine has learned the forensics part of Biochemistry, and she said that she would consider herself having more knowledge in Chemistry than Biology. Dr. Firestine also mentioned that many of the jobs that require knowledge in forensics are, DNA analysis in the crime lab, checking fingerprints at a crime, and gunshot residue. When the job market was mentioned, she said that it depends on if it is a governmental job or not; for example, if it is a lab job under the government, then it is “very tight” to get a job, especially because the government would be in control (Dr. Firestine).
According to the Library of Congress Classification Outline, Biochemistry would be under science, and it could also be medicine. For science, it would be Classification Class Q – Science. The documentation styles are all different in each specific journal. In Butler library, all of the journals and books are in the periodical room, on the basement floor, beneath the reference room, on the east side with the Q’s. When going online to Ebsco, there are 396 titles for …show more content…

There are so many opportunities when obtaining a degree in Biochemistry. People have the option of working in crime labs and crime sciences, along with researching while getting paid to do it, or even teach either Biology, Chemistry or Biochemistry. People need to be able to solve any problem that occurs. It is essential for people to communicate otherwise it could cause chaos. This is why people who are majoring in science need to have qualities of a scientist, in order to make a better society in the scientific

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