Reflection Of Consumer Chemistry

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INTRODUCTION: Nowadays, people here in this world are using science in their everyday lives. When you fry a fish, there’s a science. When you wash your clothes, there’s a science behind it. Everything is science. There are different branches of science. Including Biology, Botany, Zoology, and many more. But one of the most used in everyday life in the branches of science is the CHEMISTRY. It is a branch of physical science that deals with composition, structure, properties and changes of matter. Chemistry is the one who is responsible for photosynthesis (plants making food for their own). But Consumer chemistry is the one that deals with humans in our everyday lives. Consumer Chemistry is the branch of Chemistry that makes consumable products. Consumer chemistry deals with food, cosmetics, fertilizers…show more content…
I’ve learned mny topics in Consumer Chemistry but one of the mot important lesson and the hardest (for me) is the Redox or Oxidation-Reduction Reaction. Why is it the hardest topic for me? Well, at first, while our teacher was discussing this, I thought that this lesson is pretty easy because I understand all her lessons and I had no problem absorbing the lessons. Butwhen the day after comes, I was already confused on how to do the Redox. I tried to approach my classmates who are great in Consumer Chemistry. But I always forget it after that and got confused again. And I think, that’s the reason I got a very low score on our summative test. After that test, I promised to myself that I will strive hard for me to get a high score on our periodical test. That’s why I made this learning module, to help me and others who are having a hrd time on
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