Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer 's Theory Of Magnetism Essay

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Hypnosis an altered level of consciousness in which an individual sheds his or her voluntary action and is instead under the vulnerable suggestion of a hypnotist. While an individual is in a hypnotic trance, the hypnotist may preform several redolent techniques that are designed to modify behavior for both short and long term periods of time. (Cardena, 2014) For example, chronic smokers often seek hypnosis in order to discard their unhealthy habit. In order to fully understand how it developed, its process, and its contemporary use, one must reference its somewhat accidental birth in 1770 by Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer. Mesmer was a German physicalist who believed that the human body was made up of magnetic forces. If these forces were unaligned or imbalanced, the individual would become unhealthy and consequently develop a medical disorder. Advocating for his theory of magnetism, Mesmer began to treat neurotic individuals by applying magnets to their bodies in an effort to realign forces. After using this method for some time, Mesmer discarded the magnets and relied rather on his own eye contact and bodily movements, insisting that he possessed unusual magnetic forces that allowed him to treat patients solely with his own stares and touches. This movement became known as mesmerism. (Hunt, 1993) Mesmerism, though blatantly false and terribly wrong in the details, was a major success. With a large range of individuals receiving successful courses of treatment, the movement was

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