Dr. John Michael Thomassen

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Dr. John Michael Thomassen is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in South Florida who frequently performs brow lifts (forehead lifts) for individuals residing in and around Fort Lauderdale, including Oakland Park. With a forehead lift, Dr. Thomassen can diminish the horizontal lines and sagging wrinkles that typically form on the forehead. After a brow lift, individuals enjoy a refreshed, more youthful appearance.

What Can a Brow Lift with Dr. Thomassen Accomplish?

A forehead lift is a surgical procedure that is designed to rejuvenate the upper portion of an individual’s face. Following a brow lift, patients enjoy a smooth, younger-looking forehead as well as more youthfully-contoured eyebrows and upper eyelids.

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If you have allergies and/or a medical condition (such as diabetes, heart disease or hypertension), be sure to tell Dr. Thomassen. In addition, please make a list of all your current medications, herbal supplements and vitamins to bring with you on the day of your consultation.

Dr. Thomassen will take the time to assess your facial features. If he determines that a brow lift can accomplish the results you desire, he will recommend the forehead lift technique he believes will provide you with optimal results.

As Dr. Thomassen creates your customized surgical treatment plan, he will take your hairline and hairstyle preferences into account. He does this to ensure any resulting scars remain well-hidden.

Preparing for a Brow Lift in Fort Lauderdale, Near Oakland Park

Preparing for your forehead lift includes reviewing Dr. Thomassen 's pre- and post-operative instructions as well as asking any questions you have related to your upcoming procedure.

To ensure a successful forehead lift procedure:

Drink plenty of water during the days leading up to your surgery. If applicable, discontinue tobacco use for at least 6 weeks before your brow lift procedure. Limit your alcohol consumption and avoid taking certain medications. Make sure you fill all of your prescriptions before the day of your procedure. Arrange for transportation to and from your brow lift procedure near Oakland Park. Create yourself a recovery area at home

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