Dr. Koch 's Religion Essay

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With the mention of religion, what first comes to mind? Despite the initial thought, image, opinion, or experience that makes itself known, the response likely varies, even across time and place, and this can be reflected in the fact that America has no specific definition of religion. However, to assist in laying a foundation, the definition made clear in Dr. Koch’s Religion in America class lecture is “a discourse, a set of practices, a community, and/ or an institution” in which allows for analysis, discussion, practice, and thought to then take place in order to make sense of how this man made principle was woven into the foundation of American society (Koch). Studying the history of religion in America, a common theme prevails: the relationship between religion and modernization. This theme is still present today as St. Agnes Cathedral Community in Springfield, exhibits the relationship and how religious communities’ are striving to keep their traditional practices alive amidst modern America, creating a subtle contrasting undertone within their church. After attending St. Agnes’ 8:30AM, Sunday Mass service, one of my main observations was its strong traditional atmosphere as a result of the participation in many ceremonial and ritualistic practices common within the Catholic church. Attempting a research in the Catholic Mass prior to my attendance, I found myself confused and overwhelmed with the complexity of the details, rules, and history. However, I rested on a
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