Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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When people get incarcerated for a period of time, usually they do a lot of thinking and writing. Dr Martin Luther King Jr was no different. When he got jailed in Birmingham in 1963, he penned "Letter from Birmingham Jail", which explained his positioning on his nonviolent approach to fighting for Civil Rights. Along with Plato, Descartes, Mills and Rousseau, Dr Martin Luther King Jr was one of the greatest philosophers in history because his nonviolent approach to fighting for Civil Rights (for all colors) sparked a great revolution, throughout the United States and also influenced the rest of the world.
Martin Luther King Jr believed in fighting for individual Civil Rights, but he was not an anarchist or against the government. King did not promote people to break the law, even if the law was unjust or immoral. "In no sense do I advocate evading or defying the law... That would lead to anarchy" (King, 4) However, he wanted to change the laws and fix the laws. He believed that all people deserved Civil Rights. King wanted 'God given rights ' to be fairly distributed, applied and protected by the government, regardless of a person 's color. He also saw that black people were fighting for protective laws and to eliminate discrimination for centuries. However, no solution has occurred. "We have waited for more than 340 years for our constitutional and God given rights." (King, pg 3) Therefore, he felt that people needed to do something to see change and the only way he…

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