Dr Strangelove Analysis

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The movie Dr. Strangelove is a comedic movie but the issius it brings to light were very serious at the time and issues concerning nuclear war are still very present in our lives today. The cold war was a scary time for the world people and it's speculated to be the closest humankind has ever come to becoming obsolete. There was lots of fear and suspension expression in the movie and that was similar to how it was in real life during the cold war. Although there are some ridiculous aspects of the film Dr. Strangelove it underlines something that could have happened extremely easily during this time. In Dr. Strangelove the world is at the brink of becoming completely decimated by the USSR's and the United states nuclear arsenals. When watching the movie you may find some parts of it ridiculous but most of the movie is accurate to what was going on in our military and government at this time just made more dramatic. At this time the lives of millions were in the hands of just a few men high up in the military and government. Any wrong action or statement by them could end up starting a nuclear war. It's not crazy to think that one rouge commander under all the stress and suspicion going on from the red scare would order an attack on the USSR during this time. There was a lot of conspiracies going around about communist schemes to infect the united states such as the one that putting fluoride in the water was a way the communists were attacking the USA. With conspiracies

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