Dracul Modernity And Folklore

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Jake Klimeck
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Modernity and Folklore

Dracula, is not just a story of good versus evil, but a story of complex parallels. Count Dracula is not just a living being, but also dead. Dracula is a man, but he is also an animal. Furthermore, Dracula is both beautiful and repulsive. It is these parallels about Dracula that create a sense of anxiety and uncertainty throughout the reading.
Stoker 's use of parallels throughout the novel creates discontent throughout the whole novel. This discontent, not only revolves around Dracula, but many characters throughout the novel. The uses of the novel 's settings helps to create a unique parallel between modernity and folklore. The parallel between modernity and folklore taps into the fears of the novel 's earliest Victorian readers and how folklore relates to modern technologies.
The parallel between modernity and folklore is accomplished by the hunting of Dracula and the use of both folklore and modern technologies to defeat Dracula. Well the characters refused the “myths” that surrounded Dracula at first, the characters came to realized that both modern technology and folklore must be used together to defeat Dracula.
First, this paper will form the basic concept that will encompass the characters and their beliefs about modern technology and folklore ideologies. Secondly, This paper will investigate how modernity will allow the group to be successful,and how folklore affects their

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