Dracula 's Power : The Weaknesses Of The East During Great Britain 's Most Powerful Era

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Dracula’s overwhelming supernatural power is first introduced by Jonathan Harker as he witnesses the “swept [of] his long arms, as though brushing aside some impalpable obstacle, the wolves fell back and back further still” (20). Knowing that Dracula can command wolves at his will, will send chills down anyone’s spine if they have to make Dracula their enemy. Bram Stoker created a monster that possesses a wide range of powers like: commanding wolves and rats, transformation into animal forms and mist, immense strength, restoring youthfulness by drinking human blood, turning victims into vampires, and being able to control the minds of his victims. With all that being said, Dracula’s power does have its limitations like not knowing his …show more content…

Jonathan concludes that, “[Dracula] a man who never in the country; and who did not evidently do much in the way of business, his knowledge and acumen were wonderful” (37). For Jonathan, Dracula seems like a brilliant man and he is, but to readers Dracula is simply testing the waters to make sure it is safe to enter. Dracula has been living at his castle in Transylvania for a long time, and barely makes any contact with the rapidly growing outside world. This is very similar to the far East, because they have a long history, but chooses to keep to themselves until the Europeans start to invade their land. The East started to modernize after the West was far ahead in development of new technology and science. The East starts to fall behind, and their slow response to catch up to the West made them susceptible to invasion. Dracula also made himself vulnerable when he carelessly reveals his hideout in the castle to Jonathan. Jonathan makes several trips to Dracula’s room, and one time he discovers “in one of the great boxes [. . .] lay the Count!” (50). This initial encounter with Dracula during his sleep strikes fear in Jonathan, and he quickly withdrew from the room. Dracula has no intention of changing his hideout, which gave Jonathan another chance to stumble upon his sleeping body. This time Jonathan picks up a shovel and strikes “the hateful face” of Dracula (54). If Jonathan knows the proper way to

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