Dramaturgy Is A Concept Developed By Erving Goffman Who

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Dramaturgy is a concept developed by Erving Goffman who uses the metaphor of a theatrical production in order to understand social interactions in everyday life; also known as dramaturgical theory. This metaphor demonstrates dramaturgy as a real life play in which people are the actors/actresses. There are three logics to this concept: the indivudial shows us what they want us to know, impression management and particular features of face-to-face encounters bring order to interactions (Allan, 62). The dramaturgic analysis of Goffman presents the idea that social interaction can be viewed as a chain of staged performances in order to understand and predict the behavior of others and how we present ourselves while cooperating to maintain…show more content…
The self is always being monitored in order to earn the acceptance of others. In some situations it may take more than one performance in which some aspects of the self are repressed or emphasized, usually driven by the norms of that group. The self then becomes an important part of dramaturgical theory for the reason that this is how we achieve goals, present ourselves, and subsequently become an intricate part of society. Goffman explains that it is in the interaction order where face-to-face interaction is well thought-out before it occurs. He further says that the self is presented in three types of identities. The first is, social identity; what others know about the person. Society categorizes people by attaching certain characteristics that apply to the people of these categories. The anticipated characteristics have become the norm and now expected demands. The second is personal identity, relations with people you have known for a long period of time in addition to knowing unique attributes about one’s self. Closely related to this type of identity, this is how one most often sees themselves as. Lastly there is the ego identity; this is how one constructs an identity of themselves. It is constructed in the same manner that others construct and identity of us. However this occurs internally to ourselves and may become emotionally attached to it. In the process
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