Essay on Drawbacks and Benefits to Diagnosing Psychological Disorders

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From schizophrenia to bipolar disorder to severe depression there is no question that these are serious mental illnesses that are debilitating and require constant medical care and according to the American Psychiatric Association(APA) hording and internet disorders are just a couple of new diagnosis that they have added to the manual of mental disorder or DSM. But is this addition of new mental disorders really beneficial for the patients or is this a way for doctors and pharmaceutical companies to cash in? , this paper proposes both drawbacks and benefits to the diagnosis of mental disorders as well as investigation of some specific examples of diagnosed disorders. However, the paper’s main direction is to focus on the drawbacks which …show more content…

Another DSM category is bereavement which has been treated over the years by considering normal grief not pathological, therefore the DSM repathologiesed it and allow people to go to psychiatrist when they lose someone in their life and the psychiatrist diagnoses them for their lose even though it might be a normal self limiting kind of sadness.
Realistically, diagnosis of a mental illness is only a medical diagnostic tool for the physician and it does not taking into account what the average person is dealing with or living with when they have a mental illness. One of the flaws of mental illness diagnosis is that it does not address the questions like what is the life quality of a patient or what other issues could arise in that patient based on these diagnoses.
However, there are some drawbacks to the diagnosis of a mental illness there is benefit to it as well in such a way that it helps destigmatized and takes away labels from people who live with actual, severe mental illnesses. Diagnosis of a mental disorder also helps acknowledgement of a mental disorder from insurance companies and federal governments for coverage and funding respectively and helps people to get support and become aware that their behavioral problem is more than just a weak will or an odd behavior, at the same time diagnosis does not mean getting good treatment as well and in my opinion breaking down mental illnesses into

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