Essay on Drawbacks and Benefits to Diagnosing Psychological Disorders

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From schizophrenia to bipolar disorder to severe depression there is no question that these are serious mental illnesses that are debilitating and require constant medical care and according to the American Psychiatric Association(APA) hording and internet disorders are just a couple of new diagnosis that they have added to the manual of mental disorder or DSM. But is this addition of new mental disorders really beneficial for the patients or is this a way for doctors and pharmaceutical companies to cash in? , this paper proposes both drawbacks and benefits to the diagnosis of mental disorders as well as investigation of some specific examples of diagnosed disorders. However, the paper’s main direction is to focus on the drawbacks which outweigh the benefits arising from categorizing mental illnesses into small segments.
The American Psychiatric Association was not very transparent and did not allow people to have any input about the changes in recent years. In my opinion some mental illnesses that has just been added to the DSM-V has political nature such as temper disregulation disorder which appears to be created as a way to describe kids who are beyond the parents control. DSM diagnosis gives a license to treat people and is a reimbursement based on the list of disorder it provide for psychiatrists and it is a huge money maker for psychiatrists as well. Besides, the listing creates a category of diagnosis which the APA is telling insurance companies they should pay to…

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