Dreaming Can Bring Misery in the Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitgerald

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We have always been told that our imagination is the key to success. It is the way that we contribute and add knowledge to the world. It is that thought in our mind that takes us beyond reality. Imagination is necessary in order to prosper as a humane race. But how far could one imagine before we start mistaking reality with our hopes and dreams? In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald we see how dreaming to far could bring misery.
Jay Gatsby, the protagonist of our novel is a young, elegant, mysterious, millionaire in New York around the 1920s. He lives in a mansion on West Egg where he throws extravagant parties for all of New York to attend but in reality only desires the attendance of one person in particular, Daisy …show more content…

His deception of himself was so great that he believed he was a son of god. He ran away from home when he was sixteen and attended two different colleges still living day to day, but then struck luck when he saved a wealthy man from ship wreck. This man Dan Cody taught him how to be a high class gentleman, but after Dan passed away Gatsby was left with nothing, but with his high class character. Gatsby’s want for a glorious successful life was so strong that he denied his very own mom and dad of being his parents and made a complete lie about his entire life in order to achieve his dream of greatness. After fulfilling his aim for riches he carefully plans out his encounter with Daisy using Nick, Daisy’s cousin and Gatsby’s neighbor. Daisy has an affair going on with Gatsby and after informing Tom about their affair chaos breaks out. Daisy, angrily and accidently, runs over a women whose husband kills Gatsby thinking it was Gatsby who ran over his wife.
Many people portray the story of Gatsby and Daisy as a love story where social class destroys true love, but the narrator suggest otherwise. Gatsby was a vivid dreamer who truly believed he was destined for greatness. The concept of how his life would be was planned out to the smallest detail and the day when he met the young and beautiful Daisy he fell in love with the concept of her. Daisy fit the character Gatsby had dreamt of, for years, perfectly. Gatsby tells how he found her

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