Dreams : What Does A Person 's Dream Say About Their Personality And Their Emotions?

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Dreams are a useful and often overlooked tool in psychoanalysis. They provide a way to become aware of one’s unconscious thoughts. Dreams can clarify and sort emotions in new and unexpected ways. One’s most vivid dreams occur during the REM cycle of sleep, these dreams bring one’s body into an excited state which allows the brain to store long-term memories and alter feelings. For the average person, rapid eye movement sleep accounts for one fourth of sleeping time and occurs in bi-hourly cycles. Though much is still unknown about the exact meaning of dreams, scientists do know that dreams play a role is shaping our emotional responses and reactions to the world around us. This leads us to the questions: what does a person 's dream say…show more content…
Eventually, Freud’s student Jung developed a second theory of dream analysis. It was Jung’s position that dreams cannot deceive. They are an unfiltered, pure display of the unconscious. While he agreed that dreams used fairy tales, myths, symbolism, and culture to convey thought, he was firm in the belief that only the dreamer could determine the true meaning of the dream based on the context of those symbols in their own life. Again, this method of dream interpretation is very subjective. While one’s conscious self may associate a dream with a particular meaning, the unconscious may not have been doing so.
Lastly, the newest theory of dream interpretation is the Transformation Theory. In Toward a New Theory of Dreaming, Richard Corrine, Joseph Hart, Werner Icarle, Jerry Binder, Stephen Gold, and Lee Woldenbero describe this new theory:
“Transformation theory views dreams as images of feelings visual images that reflect the dreamer 's degree of complete or incomplete feeling.”
This theory is unique from the previous two because it views dreams not as a memory storage function to replay past events from our life, but a pure expression of emotions. The complexity and depth of dreams allows one to gauge the completeness of the dreamer’s feeling.
Dreaming is a way to store memories and reconcile with the past. Research has shown that people who have had a traumatic experience often use dreaming to cope with the situation. In 2009, a case study was conducted by Siamak

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