Drinking Water Is An Essential Part Of Life On This Planet Is Water

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An essential part of life on this planet is water. Water is in practically every living organism and it is absolutely necessary that water is readily available when it is needed. Over seventy percent of the planet is covered in water, of which only about three percent is fresh water that humans can consume which a lot of is trapped in glaciers and icecaps (FAO). In many parts of the world, there are places where fresh drinking water is not available for people because it is contaminated or hard to reach or some other kind of obstructive factor. In the current media, places of this nature include Flint, Michigan where the water source is contaminated, the state of California where there is a drought, and several places in Africa where there are not any readily available water sources. In places where the water is contaminated and undrinkable, there is the possibility of waterborne diseases. These diseases include things such as dysentery, cholera, hepatitis, etc. These diseases, that are common in places like Africa, do have the capacity to be deadly if left untreated, as it commonly is in more rural areas of the world. The question then becomes: how can there be more fresh, safe drinking water sources be made? The amount of fresh water on the planet has been decreasing tremendously for the past century. With growing global population, pollution of current sources, and climate change, new innovations for generating more fresh drinking water must be made. There have been…
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