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Accident Detection System and Vehicle Overtaking System Using Wireless Technology By Sub n jadav [Type the author name] | Accident Detection System and Vehicle Overtaking System Using Wireless Technology * Introduction:- Accidents are one of the most dreaded situations in one`s life, on an average atleast one vehicular accident occur everyday around the world. It has also been observed that the most number of people die as they do not get to the hospital in time after such road accidents in highways or remote locations such as rural villages. This causes unintended loss of life. Therefore to overcome such haphazard’s we propose to development a wireless system which will reduce this problem…show more content…
Then communication module which was until in standby reception mode will transmit this information by the microcontroller to the other device present in that area. On receiving the data by the second circuit, which is on standby reception mode, it will process the signal information and display the information on the LCD display and if necessary even sound a buzzer. Similarly, when the user gives the signal for overtaking, the microcontroller will give a signal to cc2500 stating the information source and data. This will then be relayed to the module in the proceeding vehicle. As in above, the forward vehicle will get this information and display the number of the preceding vehicle which sent the data and alert the vehicle that the vehicle wants to overtake it. * Component Details : - The list of components used in this project is given as follows: - 1) Micro controller 2) Communication module 3) LCD display 4) Switches 5) 7805 regulator 6) Resistors and capacitors. Of all the components listed above, microcontroller card or IC is the heart of the circuit and its cost is high as well. The costliest part of this circuit is the communication module on which this particular project is to be implemented. * Advantages and Disadvantages
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