Driving Cars On The Road

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With the technology age in full swing, people are expecting new solutions to everyday problems. In the past few years, there have been many new technological advances and one of the most controversial are self-driving cars. As of today, there are many forms of transportation, ranging from bicycles to passenger trains. However, the idea of a self-driving car had not been heard of until this decade. Now there are many new companies and organizations putting self-driving cars on the road. A self-driving car can be defined as a “vehicle that can guide itself without human conduction.”(What is an Autonomous Car). This can be a car specifically made to drive itself, or a car with a self-driving feature. Yet, a car that does not need a human to …show more content…

If these cars are only reliable in urban settings, and on few occasions, then should they should not be seen as a reliable mode of transportation. Another problem plaguing self-driving cars is the concern about their safety. Safety is a big concern regarding the validity of self-driving cars. For self-driving cars to be categorized as a reasonable form of transportation, they must prove safe for the passengers. Everyone wants to feel safe when they are on the road, and if a self-driving car is not able to provide that sense of security, then they should not be on the road. In Tempe, Arizona, one of Uber’s self-driving Volvo SUV’s was involved in a crash that flipped the car (Lomas). These ‘cars’ are not suitable for the road if they do not the reaction time that a human has. Another incident occurred in Williston, Florida, however, in this case, the crash was fatal. This crash occurred when “a trailer made a left turn in front of the [self-driving] Tesla, and the car failed to apply the brakes.”(Vlasic). This was the first crash by a self-driving car that had turned fatal (Vlasic). In the case of the crash in Arizona, Uber “grounded” their fleet (Lomas). However, in the crash between the Tesla and the trailer, the response was different. One of the first things Tesla stated, was that the driver was a technology consultant and autonomous vehicle enthusiast, “as if a martyr for civic transportation.” (Rushkoff). For

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