Advantages Of Autonomous Vehicles

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Autonomous vehicles (AVs), commonly referred to as self-driving cars, are touted as the future of our highways because of the many benefits of which they boast. AV’s are touted to reduce emissions, provide a means of mobility for people who are unable to drive themselves and ensure safer roads by reduction/elimination of collisions.
Autonomous Vehicles comprise of three main hardware components: sensors, processor and actuators. Images and information is gathered from the environment through sensors, the information travels through the processor (an onboard computer) and the processor effectively tells the car what to do via the actuators – tools that allow the computer to control physical components like brakes or steering wheels.
Autonomous Vehicles collect a lot of data via their sensors at every point in time. The data collected is estimated to be approximately 1Gbps and this can amount to about petabytes in a year. Not all the information collected is stored; most of the data is simply used for active driving and not detail analysis. The processor on-board of the Autonomous Vehicle determines, through smart algorithms the …show more content…

On one hand this challenges might be obsolete for self-driving cars, as the status of the hardware in the vehicle is constantly monitored and reported to the occupant to prevent any incident from occurring. Also the autonomous vehicles use a complex system of radar and sensors, which detect the presence of other objects within a certain range around the car; so technically, the car is still able to “see” notwithstanding a certain level of fault such as a broken head lamp. On the other hand, other drivers which still depend on these stimuli will require a functioning head light and brake light in order to detect the presence of another vehicle in the dark in order to avoid

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