It 's Smart It S Safe It Self Driven Cars

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It’s Smart It’s Safe It’s Self-Driven Cars
Veronica Morales
Schurr High School Abstract
Since the first release of cars, improvements have always been needed, such as airbags and brakes for safety reasons; however, with the latest computer technology engineers and scientist have found a way to have cars be self-driven. This removes human error, reduces accidents and releases a new way of transportation. Companies like Google have been involve in creating their own self-driven car and have actually tested them on California roadways. Through their testing, the self-driven car has performed outstanding: recognizing nearby objects and adjusting to the necessary speed and predicting other cars intentions to figure out its next move.
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(Vanderbilt 2012). In 1987, his robot car "VaMoRs" had the same equipment, but this time it had additional sensors and was able to go up to 90 kilometers per hour. Afterwards his next car, VaMP, was able to pick up images of cars and road markings at a range of about 100 meters. In a test-drive near Paris, the car drove at up at 130 kilometers per hour in traffic (Vanderbilt, 2012). These successful researches lead Carnegie Mellon University to test their own robotic car, which had a camera, portable computer and GPS. They test drove it from Pittsburg to Los Angeles and was able to drive itself 98.2% of the time (Vanderbilt, 2012).
To further the research of robotic cars, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) hosted an autonomous car challenge in 2004. None of the fifteen competitors came close to 150 miles. The following year DARPA had another Grand Challenge. Twenty-three competitors had a 123-mile race in Mojave. Stanford University was able to complete the course less than 7 hours.
One of the alumni from the DARPA Grand Challenge leads the Google Driverless Car program. The cars have access to “Google Street View, cameras, LIDAR and radar to determine the car 's position on a map” (Vanderbilt, 2012).
The Technology Behind the Wheel
Self-driven cars have become more intelligent and aware of their surrounding because of our latest technology: lasers, radars, high powering cameras, sonar and software. A laser, LIDAR, is located on top of
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