Driving at 16 is a Rite but Not a Safe Passage Essay

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Receiving a driver’s license at 16 is a rite of passage. A passage many 16 year olds took before me. I received my license at 16. My parents often commented that I didn’t drive much. They stated that they were always somewhere with a car full of friends. I received my license at 16 because my parents thought I was mature enough to handle the responsibility. My older brother had to wait until he was 17 and my younger brother will probably be older than that, he’s a bit of a knucklehead. I think having a teen get a license is a personal decision a family should make. Car crashes have been and are the number one cause of death for teens. (1) Many feel that the development of their brain is not advanced enough to handle driving. …show more content…

Males are also more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident. (4) In 1988, 44.7 percent of 16 year olds received their driver’s license compared to 30.7 percent in 2008. With the expansion of technology, Facebook, texting and gaming, there is less need to kids to drive to connect with friends. (1) Some benefits of driving at 16 is having freedom, being able to go where you want to go and playing music you like, the louder the better. Parents won’t need to be chauffeurs, driving kids here, there and all over. Also, having your license teaches responsibility and confidence. Many are calling for the age of receiving your license to be raised from 16 to 18 and in some states 20 or 21. Research suggests that raising the age will save lives. (2) Some parents are not in agreement stating that kids will be more dependent and less responsible. I feel that it should be a case by case decision. If your child does not act mature enough to drive, don’t let him or her drive. There has to be common sense on the parent’s part too. When I was younger, my uncle lost two friends in his class to a fatal vehicle car crash that occurred during school at lunchtime. The impact that had on him and everyone in the community was astonishing. Losing two of his friends at 16 has really had an effect on him. I’m not sure his children will drive before graduating high school. There are methods for helping a teen become a better and safer driver. Having

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