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Ever wanted to race at speeds of 80 mph, but don’t have a driver's license or are under 16? Then drone racing is for you. Drone racing is an interesting sport with big payouts. It was called “the hottest new sport of 2015” by times magazine. After reading my paper you might think that drone racing is for you. Did you know? Drone racing has no real inventor even though there is an entire sport that has $200,000 payouts along with proposed funding to make it televised event ( kind of like nascar ). It is considered to be invented in 2015 by people with drones and a dream to make the world's greatest sport. Carlos Puertolas is world famous as Charpu on his youtube channel. Charpu is a big celebrity with over 200,000 subscribers. He has over 1,000,000…show more content…
A problem for the drone league is that the only have a couple hundred pilots and that is a problem if they want to grow. In October from the 22-26 is the WORLD FINAL RACE and it will be held at Kualoa Ranch ( the same place the Jurassic Park and Godzilla movies were filmed.) The winner gets $200,000 and Supreme bragging rights, ( I mean seriously that would be awesome.) The best part is, we still have ( give or take ) 200 days to qualify. A lap of a 100 meter course can be run in ten seconds or less. Courses usually are 100 meters long and are made of hoops walls and are full of twists and turns. Courses may be longer than 100 meters but are generally 100. During the flight the hoops might light up as drones pass through. At Kualoa Ranch the obstacles are outdoors themed as in, trees, big leaves and more hoops. The problem with the courses in any sport is you can crash and in drone racing you crash hard, broken propellers, cameras and cracked bodies are some of the hazards. Drone racing may seem like it isn't for everyone but if you give it a try, you might just like it. Remember you might not like it but drone racing is an up and coming sport with large payouts. If you want to try drone racing visit your local hobby shop for more
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