Drug Addiction Has Become An Epidemic

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Throughout history, people have died from many different causes. Whether it be an accident, disease, murder or plain old age there is no stopping death, however according to the CDC, everyday 44 people in the U.S. die from overdose of prescription painkillers and many more become addicted (CDC). Opioid overdose covering a range of drugs – from morphine and heroin to painkillers such as oxycodone – claim nearly 70,000 lives each year ( UN health agency). With a constantly increasing rate, drug addiction has become an epidemic. Opiates are now the common choice of drug and is accumulating deaths by the thousands. Heroin, which is derived from the poppy plant and is the recreational form of morphine, is leading the statistics in deaths among opiates and has evolved from a drug choice of “bums” to the drug choice of CEO’s and soccer moms. The world is in the middle of a drug revolution and it is by no means bloodless. Heroin in extended use can cause severe physical and psychological harm to the user which may include infectious disease (HIV, Hepatitis B and C), collapsed veins, liver and kidney disease, abscesses, and insomnia. Addiction is now worst among teenagers in high school than any other group of individuals.
Every time an addict decides to cook up and inject heroin they are destroying a part of their life as well as the people around them. The process of becoming an addict is not difficult one, all it takes is one simple life mistake, it all starts with the person

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