Drug Addiction In The United States

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Drug addiction has been known to be the most common health problem in the United
States. It can be a serious factor in diseases or illnesses. About 30 million people are drug addicts and it has cost the U.S. about 18 billion dollars due to the impact of productivity, which isn't good for the community. Family problems, car accidents and self-respect are a few things that are associated with doing drugs.
Doing drugs causes family problems because it puts a lot of stress on the people that you live with. Some people, when addicted to drugs, eventually stop caring or listening to their parents or guardians. Some people become distracted by taking and buying drugs that they start to just do what they want. Some actions cause parents or even peers …show more content…

Certain drugs can cause a person to become a reckless or destructive driver. Some can even cause you to lose vision, or become dizzy, and unfocused. Some people like to mix drugs, or substances such as alcohol which can cause a bigger accident when driving while intoxicated or under the influence. "According to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 10 million people aged 12 or older reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs," (Nation Institute of Drug Abuse). Besides Alcohol, marijuana is one of the most common drugs linked to drugged driving. It has been found in the blood of passengers who got into previous accidents. Prescribed drugs can also be found in the blood of drivers. There has been a high percentage of prescribed drugs in a person's body who has crashed and died. Pain killers were the most common type of prescribed drug that had caused a person to be more reckless then usual when driving. Teens happen to drive the most reckless, with and without drugs in their system, because of that, when on a drug, they become worse and cause more accidents then what adults would cause. Adults cause less accidents because they know right from wrong better and they recognize dangerous situations better then teens …show more content…

Addicts don't only lose self-respect but also lose the respect of all those closest to them. Some people may use drugs to feel better about themselves or to fit in, while others use it for relaxation, stress, or just to experiment. Using drugs for any of these reasons causes a person to become addicted and then the drugs are what become a problem. Though it can be treated, it is a very long process to fix addiction or to help how a person feels about themselves after treatment. Difficult as it may be to face someone's problems, the consequences of using are always worse than the problem that a person is facing
Phillips 2 before use. People mainly fall into addiction because they begin using drugs to hide their emotions. The drugs make them feel good and forget about why they used it. Eventually they think they can't live without drugs. Prescription drugs and street drugs are always there for use.
Drug addiction has caused many problems for people and the community. It has caused illness and diseases, car accidents, loss of self respect, and family problems. When addicted to drugs, a person should always seek help before its to late to be

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