Drug Addiction=Disease?

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26 November 2012
Drug Addiction a Disease?
Drug addiction, a new major phenomenon in our society today. The dependence, compulsive craving of a drug which becomes priority over all other issues in one’s life. We recognize that this issue of drugs and addiction is a growing problem now affecting most in this world. The physical characteristics of addiction would trembling, sweating, loss of appetite, and seizures. Psychological characteristics are harder to define because the person addicted is the one who knows the real struggle. Anyone is susceptible to drugs and becoming addicted. The main people involved in drug addiction is just the individual indulging in the substance and the person who …show more content…

Referring to addiction as a disease we risk expanding the very definition of what a disease truly is, we as a society would have to make new regulations and laws that deal with addicts. It blurs responsibility of the caretakers involved in treatment by forcing or pressuring them to treat the patient. Although one cannot force a person to go through treatment, only set up and individualized plan and hope the patient follows through and grasps the concept of what they are trying to accomplish, which is to no longer be addicted to harmful substances. The stigma of drug addiction would lead to mistreatment of the impaired, it would be counter productive to the advancement of treatment, and the pressure others would put upon the addict to conform to societal normalcy.
My recommendations for further exploration into this issue would be to really examine the ways in which and addict lives his/her daily life compared to a sober individual and also compare both of them to and individual who has turned their life around and discontinued their harmful impulsions. Possibly examine further into how it effects the brain maybe have the patients fill out questioners of how they feel and what they are experiencing, if they would like to continue using the specific drug being tested and how they felt both and after the experiment.
I strongly suggest there should be

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