Drug Decriminalization

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Drug Decriminalization In Portugal, drugs are not a problem when it comes to addiction and crime rates. In comparison to other countries, Portugal one of the lowest rates of HIV and AIDS and it actually has dropped 95% due to Portugal implementing laws and decriminalizing the use of drugs. The program Portugal has changed the region from diseases transmitted by needles, overdose rates, crime rates, death rates and even has a lower percentage of drug addicts. This treatment and not punishment is very affective from getting the addicts to not go back to narcotics. Portugal has put in laws to get treatment for the people are caught with having with having a less than ten day supply of any type of addicting drug as in marijuana or heroin and they are sent to the Commission for the Dissuasion of Drug Addiction which are people who can provide them treatment instead of punishing them for being addicted to a substance that controls their daily life. The article that was provided brought some information about how Portugal has changed the way of how this new process has helped Portugal with the drugs rates in their country. Overdoses or even drug related deaths in Portugal in 2012 were sixteen people in a whole country of 10.5 million people. This country has laws implemented different laws but drugs are still an illegal substance up to a certain extent and they give addicts treatment in order to efficiently help the country and bring down the crime rate. Other countries as in the
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