Drug Harm Assessments

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In January of 2009 the government took action against the recommendation of the ACMD, and move Cannabis from a Class C drug to a Class B drug, based on the foundations of the Misue of Drugs act 1971 this would indicate that evidence of increased harm has been discovered. Jacqui Smith, the home secretary at the time of this action justified the act with the following quote “decision takes into account issues such as public perception and the needs and consequences for policing priorities, where this is, doubt about the potential harm that will be caused, we must err on the side of caution and protect the public.” - Reference Misuse of drugs act Unlike most other countries the UK’s …show more content…

However, there has not been much movement throughout the class’s at all. The ACMD was put in place to examine the science and produce recommendations on drugs for the government to follow. The reasoning for this was to take the politics out of decisions made upon drug harm assessments, as it has been highly common with party leaders world wide to battle between who can be hardest on drugs to win votes, tony blair, nixons public enemy number 1 speech. An example of the ACMD having a positive effect is during the HIV crisis that arose from needles being used to inject heroin at the time, the acme approchased margaret thatcher and recommended a needle exchange programme. This saw a steady decline in the rates of HIV speed from users injected drugs and was a good example of harm reduction policy. To be able to directly measure the harm of a drug is clearly a very complicated process, firstly we must define what harm is, harm can be shown through deaths, illness, mental-health problems and societal problems. Look into how harm can be

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