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PHAR 1000 – Basic Pharmocotherapeutics
Eileen J. Arellano
Norquest College
Practical Nurse- Section D01
PHAR 1000 Written Assignment
Heather Zirk RN, BN
September 15, 2014 CASE STUDY:
Name of Client: Maggie Sears
Age: 66 years old
Primary Diagnosis: Cellulitis to left leg
Secondary Diagnosis: Depression Osteoporosis Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Past Surgical History: Tonsillectomy- as child Cholecystectomy- 15 years ago (51 years old)
Current Medications: “migraine pills” St. John’s wort oil – for skin inflammation to left leg (for a week)

Past History: Smokes ½ a pack of cigarettes per day (since she was a teenager)
Weight: 70 kg
Height: 150 cm

Ancef 750 mg IV q12h
Elavil 50 mg po …show more content…

If headache recurs, doses may be repeated q 2 hr (not to exceed 200mg/day)
Doctor’s Order: 75mg q4H max 2 doses daily
Is this Safe?: NO. The dose should be lesser. 25-50mg for lesser interval of q2H.
Safe Dosages: 500mg twice daily. May increase by 500mg at weekly intervals up to
2000mg/day. If doses >2000mg/day are required, give in 3 divided doses (not to exceed 2500mg/day)
Doctor’s Order: 750mg TID with meals
Is this Safe?: YES
Buffered Aspirin (Salicylates)
Safe Dosages: 2.4g/day initially; increased to maintenance dose of 3.6-5.4g/day in divided doses (upto 7.8g/day for acute rheumatic fever)
Doctor’s Order: 650mg (or .65g) q6H PRN
Is this Safe?: NO. The dose 650mg (or .65g) q 6H PRN that was ordered was lesser than what is a safe dose according to the drug guide. And dose wouldn’t be enough to help client’s pain.
3. What would you do if the dosage ordered was not safe?
Clarify the order with the Physician involved. Refer to the drug guide or any reliable source if necessary.

4. Indicate potential drug

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