Drug Testing Of Middle School Students

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Brittany Jordan Miss. G Child Development 39 Tues/Thurs 9:10- 10:25 1. "Drug Testing of Middle-School Students May Help Prevent Substance Abuse: Study." Partnership for Drug Free Kids. N.p., 8 Mar. 2013. Web. 18 Nov. 2015. . Students who were randomly drug tested are less likely to continue the drug use as an adult. Studies show that when students get jobs, money, and cars they have the easiest access to drugs. Among the studies it has been found that students who have drug tests earlier in life will be less likely to continue the drug use. By drug testing young kids you can show them that there is consequences for their actions. Often times the spike in drug use among students is noticeable in the junior year of high school. Once kids…show more content…
Genetics may make up 50% of the risk for alcohol and drug dependence, but not all people who use alcohol and drugs will develop an addiction. Ultimately, addiction is influenced by many factors, including a person’s environment, parents, expectancies of what drinking or using drugs will do, and one’s individual response to drugs and alcohol. While a family history of alcohol or drug dependency is known to contribute significantly to the risk of a child developing the same condition, genes are not the sole determinant of alcoholism or drug dependence. Lots of people have come from addicted families but managed to overcome their family history and live happy lives. Teens may think that they don 't have the choice to stop but they do. Which is why if teens are drug tested earlier in life the can be prevented from developing an addiction. 3. "Teen Drug Abuse Facts." Medicinenet. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2015. . Studies have shown that teens from split homes suffer from depression which can lead to substance abuse. In a survey taken amongst high school students almost 40% will admit to have drinking alcohol with in the last month. 40% of students have also admitted to the use of marijuana 7% of these students admit to have used marijuana every day. Few as 5% of students have admitted to the use of prescription medication or over the counter medication for recreational purposes. Over the counter
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