Drug Use And Crime Essay

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There has been no doubt through the years that there is a clear relationship between drug use and crime. A large number of drug users are said to have suffered from a traumatic event or are suffering from a mental or psychological disorder (Hutson, 2007). These users are hoping to just make the pain go away or feel just a little happier for a short time. However, there is no clear cut way to determine which came first the drug use or the criminal activity. When discussing the possibilities that crime and drug use are related, there are three hypotheses that could be evaluated. The first of these hypotheses theorizes that crime is caused by the use of drugs. As a drug user becomes more dependent on the illegal substance or legally prescribed…show more content…
Drugs can have mind altering effects that will allow the user to feel more peaceful as well as provide the stimulant that encourages the activity (Philips & Lawton, 2004). Those users who are intending to commit a criminal activity will sometimes abuse legal or illegal substances in advance of the crime to heighten their nerve to commit the act (Levinthal, 2012). The third hypothesis explores the possibility that drug use and crime share some common causes that are not directly related to their activity. This theory is established based on the drug user’s disadvantages that they experienced in childhood and continued as they aged into adulthood (Levinthal, 2012). In some cases where the child have parents working more than one job to make ends meet or have a one parent household, there is little supervision. Due to lack of socialization skills, these children are often susceptible to peer pressure that could potentially lead to a life of drug use and crime (de Miranda, 1999). With no consistency of adult supervision, the children are left to raise themselves at a disadvantage with no real guidance to how they should live and are often left with no other means but drug use and crime to receive the acceptance
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