Drugs And Drug Addictions

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Drug addicts
Drug addiction and drug addicts are everywhere. We always see and hear on the news that people on the streets get arrested for possession of drugs. What we don’t see or hear is the person’s story of why they use these drugs, because they’re immediately charged with possession of illegal substances and taken to jail. There are some people that deserve to go to jail for possession of drugs. Most of the people who use drugs use it for personal consumption and most of them are struggling with addiction. Sending a drug addict to jail isn’t going to help him/her because as soon as they serve their time behind bars, the first thing they’re going to do is seek the drug again. It’s a process that is bound to repeat itself. Drug addicts should be sent to rehab, some place where they can get help to become sober and detoxed. Every addict has a reason for using drugs, most of them use drugs to deal with a problem at home, to relieve pain or to feel better because of depression. Maybe they just did them for fun at first but soon found themselves addicted. All they need is help, they need to be sent to rehab so they can find another way to deal with whatever they might be going through. Addictions is the most difficult thing a person can over come. They should be sent to rehab because it could save their lives. For example, theirs a man that has a nice paying job, a good house, good cars, a loving wife, and son. He has a nice life in general. Until one day, an accident

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