Drugs And Drugs Essay

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In today’s society, one person can have a handful of kids, claim they cannot find a job, sit at home, get taken care of for free, in the form of a monthly welfare check, rent, food stamps, health insurance and sometimes childcare. This same person can use their welfare check for whatever they want, including: cigarettes, alcohol, and yes even narcotics. Meanwhile a single mother of two will struggle to pay all her bills and feed her children for the reason that she makes ten dollars over the poverty limit. Given that the tax dollars from our paycheck support those on the welfare system, how fair is it that one person is forced to pay for another person’s potential drug habit or abuse of the system? While taking away government benefits …show more content…

During the time we were on aid, I held A full time job, meaning I was paying into the system from which I was simultaneously benefiting.” (Cunha 01) These types of recipients get government assistance in the form of food stamps, childcare, and or health care. These types of assistance help to alleviate some of the pressure of life and help people to use their paychecks for bills, and they are able to get back on their feet quickly, helping to get off the system. These recipients use the welfare system as a crutch to get back on their feet: the way the system is intended to work.
The other type of welfare recipient is what is usually known as a career welfare person. Unfortunately, from time to time this type of behavior is generational; however, that is not always the case, “There are third-generation and fourth-generation [welfare] recipients in our buildings” (qtd in Sexton 1). These recipients survive off assistance from the government. They are receiving every available program they can: monthly welfare check, rent assistance, food stamps, healthcare, and sometimes childcare. They do not have a job, and have at least one child: sometimes married, sometimes single. They live off the system and their children often grow up to do the same. Although

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